Gaco™ Silicone Roof Coatings

Restore Your Roof with Gaco™ Silicone Roof Coatings

The time and expense to replace your structure’s roof are considerable no matter how you approach it. The average commercial roof lifespan is about 20 years - still, if your building’s roof is approaching that milestone or has just incurred damage from a weather-related event, you may be gearing up for replacement sooner than you’re hoping. The experts at Flanagan Paint & Supply have a fantastic solution to share - silicone roof coatings.

What Are Silicone Roof Coatings?

We know that our customers are the heartbeat of our business, and we’re sure you feel the same way. Why would you use resources to replace a roof prematurely when you could use that same time and money to improve your business for your customer base? Silicone roof sealant is an excellent alternative to roof replacement. This resurfacing material can be applied to nearly any existing roof and fill in cracks, seams, and blisters. Roof restoration is a practical repair solution for minor leaks, rust, and other wear and tear. Silicone coating is also the most eco-friendly option. Silicone roof coatings save hundreds of pounds of refuse from ending up in our landfills.

Protect from the Natural Elements

Weather is like kryptonite to the longevity of your structure’s roof. Roof silicone is a permanent solution that won’t degrade or crack over time or break with exposure to the elements. The smooth surface repels mold, mildew, and staining and can be reapplied as necessary in the future.

A building with a flat roof is a building that could hold ponding water, and standing water is a common culprit of roof damage. Silicone roof sealant is a moisture-cure substance, which means it won’t absorb any moisture once cured. Gaco™ roof coating also protects from harmful UV rays. These rays from the sun can damage material, fade and crack furnishings, and do extensive harm over time to a roof. With up to 90% of these destructive rays reflected away from your building’s roof, you’ll also enjoy reduced cooling costs and lower interior temperatures. Your staff, customers, and HVAC system will appreciate this.

Another benefit of a Gaco™ roof coating is its exceptional flexibility. Anyone living near St. Louis knows our weather runs the gauntlet of meteorological possibilities, and silicone can go with the flow of thermal movement from season to season. Roof silicone is also breathable, which is essential for protecting the roof's substrate. Condensation and moisture that may gather on the surface due to temperature changes must have a way to escape.

Everyone likes to get a lot of bang for their buck, and today’s Gaco™ roof coating does just that. Less silicone is required to achieve the desired result with a solids content of up to 90%. You also save on time and labor costs without sacrificing the integrity of the surface. Silicone roof coatings will also cost, on average, about three times less than a tear-off and replacement, which really adds up over hundreds of square feet.

Going with Gaco™

If you know us, you know we only carry the most high-quality products, and when it comes to silicone roof coatings, there’s no match for Gaco™. The premium brand offers several silicone roof sealants to meet your needs.

GacoFlex™ S42, silicone roof coatings, Gaco™ roof coating, silicone roof sealant near Ellisville, Missouri (MO)

GacoFlex™ S42

This 100% silicone coating is outstanding for giving new life to old, weathered rooftops. The S42 series offers exceptional hide, even on granular surfaces, and its extra-strong adhesion eliminates the need for an epoxy primer on most surfaces.

GacoFlex™ S20

A solvent-free silicone, S20 Gaco™ roof coating delivers a smooth, glossy membrane that seals existing leaks and protects against new ones and ponding water. S20 has an incredibly high solids content at 95% and is Rainwater Catchment System approved to not release contaminants into rainwater. GacoFlex™ S20 begins providing your roof with moisture protection within as few as two hours.

GacoFlex™ S20, silicone roof coverings, Gaco™ roof coating, silicone roof sealant near Ellisville, Missouri (MO)
GacoFlex™ S2100, silicone roof coverings, Gaco™ roof coating, silicone roof sealant near Ellisville, Missouri (MO)

GacoFlex™ S2100

Are you ready for this? The S2100 series is a cleanable, solvent-free silicone that actively resists dust and dirt buildup to keep your rooftop whiter, and more reflective, than other brands of roof coatings. The water sheeting action allows the roof to dry faster and lessens the time for dirt and debris to linger on the surface.


Gaco™ doesn’t forget about homeowners who are loyal to the brand. GacoRoof™ is an incredibly versatile silicone coating available in several colors to enhance the appearance of any roof. It’s an excellent solution for buildings of any size, homes, garages, barns, and many other structures. GacoRoof™ has been independently proven to outlast and outperform acrylic, urethane, asphalt, and Hypalon® coatings.

GacoRoof™, silicone roof coverings, Gaco™ roof coating, roof silicone, silicone roof sealant near Ellisville, Missouri (MO)
GacoElastomeric™, silicone roof coverings, Gaco™ roof coating, roof silicone, silicone roof sealant near Ellisville, Missouri (MO)


Another Gaco™ offering that can be used on nearly any surface and structure, GacoElastomeric™ is a budget-minded project manager’s best friend. Two gallons of Gaco™ provide approximately the same amount of coverage as five gallons of standard acrylic coating.

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