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When it comes to your home, the paint you choose for your walls not only defines its ambiance and atmosphere, but also creates the backdrop of the environment where you will make countless memories. At Flanagan Paint and Supply, we know that we carry every type of paint you could possibly want for your walls, even specialty paints that will give your rooms a unique look. We carry both Modern Masters® and Rust-Oleum brand specialty paints and more, so that you can bring to life every possible color, pattern, and surface texture for your walls. Let our team help you decorate your dream home from the inside out.

Modern Masters® Specialty Paints

As a company, Modern Masters® was the first manufacturer of acrylic Venetian Plaster in the United States and it has quickly become a fan favorite of professional painters and DIY home painters as well. Flanagan Paint and Supply proudly carries premium base products from Modern Masters®, including products from the Venetian Plaster line, the Venetian Plaster Tint Base and Ultra Deep Tint Base. Modern Master® has a unique chemistry formula that allows for an unlimited color selection no matter which base you use.

Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster Polished Tint Base, Specialty Paints, near Ellisville and Creve Coeur, Missouri (MO)
Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster Polished Ultra Deep Tint, Specialty Paints near Creve Coeur, Missouri (MO)

Our team would love to help you choose one of our amazing Modern Masters® products for your home including the Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster Polished Tint Base. This revolutionary specialty paint product from Modern Masters® is a tint-able acrylic plaster base that you can apply to your walls to give the appearance and sheen of marble. It contains titanium dioxide, which means it can be used as a white color or used to create a light pastel color. You can use the Venetian Plaster Polished Time Base to hide minor imperfections and to create a variety of patterns and appearances such as polished marble, stone, or even suede.

Similar to the Polished Tint Base, the Venetian Plaster Polished Ultra Deep Tint Base is a tint-able acrylic plaster. This product can develop and set to reveal a beautiful and highly-polish marble-like appearance. The more this paint is polished, the more translucent the finish will become. The translucent appearance makes it even more similar in look to marble, even feeling like marble to the touch. The Venetian Plaster Polished Ultra Deep Tine Base is beloved by painters and finishers for its translucency and easy polishing, especially on light to mid-tone colors.

Where to Use Venetian Plaster

The beautiful and unique appearance of venetian plaster paint can make it a wonderful addition to many different areas in your home.

  • Entryways. If you are looking to make a statement in your home that guests will notice immediately upon entering, consider using the Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster products in your entryway or foyer.
  • Master Bathrooms. If you want to give your master bathroom a simultaneously eye-catching but luxurious atmosphere, venetian plaster from Flanagan Paint and Supply is the perfect product to use.
  • Living or Dining Room. If you want any gathering area in your home to feel sophisticated, consider adding Modern Masters® Venetian Plaster Polished Tint Base to one wall in a common space, such as your living room or dining room. This statement wall will give any room, and any guests in that room, a warm and lavish feeling.
Rust-Oleum Specialty Glitter Interior Wall Paint Gold, Specialty Paints near Elisville and Creve Coeur, Missouri (MO)

Rust-Oleum Specialty Glitter Interior Paint

Rust-Oleum Specialty Glitter Interior Wall Paint Silver, Specialty Paints near Ellisville and Creve Coeur, Missouri (MO)

Have you, or a family member, ever wanted to spice up a room with glitter without the hassle of wallpaper or the mess of actual glitter? If so, our team at Flanagan Paint and Supple has the perfect product for you! We proudly carry Rust-Oleum Glitter Interior Wall Paint in both gold AND silver so that you can add some jazz to any room in your home. This glitter paint provides an intense coverage and a multi-dimensional, reflective shimmer without the mess, as the glitter is already mixed in with the paint. You can apply this paint with a brush, roller, or sprayer, so it is very user-friendly. After being applied to drywall, wood, metal, plastic or hardboard surfaces, this paint will dry to the touch in two hours and can have more coats applied for added texture, coverage and hide.

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Whether you want to give your walls a metallic, glitter appearance or an elegant, polished marble look, Flanagan Paint and Supply has the perfect product for you. We also carry the entire line of elite Benjamin Moore Paint and out team cannot wait to help you decorate the home of your dreams. Contact us today to talk to a member of our team about your paint needs. Flanagan Paint and Supply proudly serves Creve Coeur, Maryland Heights, Town & Country, Des Peres, University City, Cottleville, St. Peters, St. Charles, Dardenne Prairie, Lake Saint Louis, and O'Fallon, Missouri.