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If you want to transform your home, interior, and exterior, the fastest and easiest way is to put on a fresh coat of paint. New paint color can completely change the look of a room, but to get that effect, you need to start with a good base. That is where Benjamin Moore Primers come in. At Flanagan Paint & Supply, we understand the importance of a solid base layer for painting. We work with both professional painters and DIYers to provide the best products on the market. This, in turn, gives you the best possible results on your interior and exterior paint projects.

The Benefits of Paint Primer

  • Seals Pores: This is especially important when painting over previously untreated drywall or wood. Porous surfaces absorb liquids, including paint. Without a primer, you will need several extra layers of paint to cover the surface as some of it will be absorbed by the material. Primers are less expensive than interior paints and will fill those pores to create an even surface for painting.
  • Fewer Coat: Preparing your walls and ceilings with primer means you will need fewer coats of your interior or exterior paint. This saves money in the long run as primer is less expensive than paint.
  • Increase Adhesion: Depending on the surfaces you’re painting, it can sometimes be difficult to get paint to stick. This is especially true if you are painting over oil-based or glossy paint. A layer of primer provides a much better surface to help avoid flaking and chipping.
  • Truer Colors: When changing the colors of your walls, primer helps bring them back to a neutral tone instead of blending with the existing color. Primer is especially needed if you are going from a darker shade to a lighter color. Priming also fixes any issues where the color of your wall isn’t currently even.
  • Hides Imperfections: If your wall has stains or odors, a primer will block them. This allows you to easily paint over grease stains, cigarette smells, and that crayon doodle you wish your child hadn’t drawn on the wall.
  • Durability: Not only does primer seal pores in untreated surfaces, but it can seal cracks in fissures in your existing paint. This provides a better surface for your new color and will help your new coats last longer.Interior Paint for Your Living Room

Types of Paint Primer

There are several different types of primers, and each is best for different surfaces and projects. It’s important to get the correct paint primer for your project, which is why our team is always on hand to answer questions and offer advice.

  • Oil-Based Primers: These primers are the industry standard because of their versatility. They are superior stain killers and a great base coat for both oil and latex paints. They are great for sealing porous surfaces like wood. They also stick well to most surfaces, including wood, metals, and layers of existing paint.
  • Latex Primers: These primers are water-based, making them much easier to clean. Latex primer is ideal for unfinished drywall and masonry because they are more flexible and faster drying than oil-based primers. One of the most significant benefits of latex primer is you can choose formulas with little to no VOC, meaning they release fewer chemicals into the air.
  • Acrylic & Alkyd-Base Primers: These primers are a balance between the other two options. They are faster drying than oil-based primers, and they provide better coverage than water-based latex primers.
Benjamin Moore Paint Primer, Latex Primer near Ellisville, Creve Couer, Webster Groves, Saint Peters, Missouri (MO)

Benjamin Moore Primers

  • Coronado® PVA Primer/Finish
  • Coronado® Masonry Coatings
  • Coronado® Rust Scat®
  • Coronado® Specialty Coatings
  • Coronado® Super Kote 500® Acrylic Latex Primer
  • Coronado® Super Kote® 300 Interior Paint
  • Corotech® Alkyd Primers
  • Corotech® Specialty and Flooring Primers
  • Corotech® Waterborne Primers
  • Fresh Start® Premium Exterior Primers
  • Fresh Start® Premium Interior Primers
  • INSL-X® Flood and Masonry Coatings
  • INSL-X® Primers
  • INSL-X® Specialty Coatings
  • Professional Primers
  • Super Spec® HP Primers
  • Super Spec® Latex Undercoater & Primer Sealer
  • Sure Seal Latex Primer Sealer
  • Ultra Spec® HP D.T.M. Acrylic Enamels
  • Ultra Spec® Masonry Products
  • Ultra Spec® Professional Interior Primers

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